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Tourmaline is a rare gem mineral found most notably in Brazil, Africa, California and Maine.

Occurring in an unusually wide range of colors and intensities, it can be pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, colorless, black and even multi-colored.   Green and pink crystals can be cut into slices called "watermelon tourmaline".   Flawless cut stones can be worth thousands per carat! 

Tourmaline is harder than Quartz and has many unusual physical properties that make it useful in electronics.

A sampling of our Tourmaline gemstones can be found in this category.   See the category "Assorted Gemstones" for our complete inventory.

Tourmaline ( Uvite ) on Quartz

Tourmaline ( Uvite ) on Quartz

Large Quartz crystal section healed on each end, with Uvite (Tourmaline) crystals up to 1.8cm on thr..

Tourmaline ( Uvite ) with Calcite and Quartz

Tourmaline ( Uvite ) with Calcite and Quartz

Beautiful, upright formation of well-formed Uvite crystals and glistening, druzy Calcite.   Aestheti..

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