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Colorado Gem and Mineral Co. Our company's website. Source for a large variety of high quality Gems and Crystallized Minerals from around the world. Jack is a contributing gemologist and geologist, great prices and selection. Amethyst is our specialty


Renowned German firm W. Constantin Wild's educational site; a "curiosities" section offers information and a data bank on colored gemstones

Mineralogical Society of America


The home page of the Mineralogical Society of America. Visitors can get information on MSA publications, grant and award programs, upcoming meetings, and classes, educational programs, and mineralogical resources. - This site is intended to be an archive for information on working artistically with metal

Figure US Postage


calculate postage on the US Post Office site

Adularescence in Quartz and Amethyst


In 1987 The Gemological Institute of America named this optical phenomenon the “Lowell effect” adularescence in amethyst due to complex twinning, see pictures and information from Jack Lowell and others


Coins and History of Asia


excellent site on ancient coins especially in Asia

Mineral Species Info

The best site for mineral identification with photos, information and compositions on each mineral, easy to use.


Lapidary Journal


The number one magazine for the lapidary world, with articles and projects for the gemcutting and metalsmithing.. also publishes Colored Stone magazine for the wholesale trade

Gemological Institute Of America


The Gemological Institute of America, GIA, is the world's foremost authority in gemology, diamond grading, jewelry education, and gemology research, an independent nonprofit organization,

Gems & Gemology Index


Gems and Gemology The Quarterly Journal of the GIA, with excellent research articles and news on the latest worldwide gem discoveries. The source for the latest information for gem buyers and dealers. No advertising. Subscriptions available through the GIA.

SEP Tools of Chicago


SEP Jewelry Tools of Chicago, Inc. Description: Jewelry tools and supplies including scales, cleaning supplies, engraving, polishing and rolling mills. Good company with quality equipment and tools for metal working.

Portal a Geologo (Brazil)


Door to Geology and Mining (International Mining Projects and News) mostly in Portuguese but some are in english. Very good on research of current mining internationally

Inland Lapidary


Makers of the most efficient machine for basic lapidary work, we recommend it for those who want to do basic cutting and polishing of gems and minerals.

Mineraological Record


The best publication for mineral collecting in the world. Great articles with scientific as well as general information on famous mines, mineral collections, and special issues on countries and their most famous minerals for collections. The best there is if you like minerals with or without being a PhD in mineraology. Packed with color photos of the highest quality. Subscriptions available.

Key's Mineral Collection


One of the best mineral specimen dealers in Japan